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"Artist Lei is a talented and prolific watercolor painter. Her land and sea scapes are as inviting as the actual venues themselves. I am the proud owner of several of her works and display them both at my office and in my home." Harlan G., Art Collector, CA

"I have collaborated with Lei on several projects as well as purchased a few of her watercolor and acrylic paintings  over the last couple of years. There are many reasons why I like Lei's art. Particularly I enjoy her wonderful colorings and tangible sense of her brush strokes. This gives her pieces a three dimensional feeling to them which I really enjoy. I have found working with Lei to be lots of fun. I always enjoy her high energy and I marvel at her unlimited creativity and willingness to work together. Thank you Lei for being such a wonderful Artist and a most kind human being." Stephen G., Art Collector, NH

“I like it for the room and place it will be hanging. The gathering spot where grand kids take toys out of hidden bins and baskets…a bright room to play in and sit on the cozy carpet. That’s a purposeful decision. The painting is Happiness! My favorite choice in your style would be more abstract and I adore the single flowers you’ve been painting! I have diverse tastes but this one is perfect for the room and space. Thankful for you!  You paint such unique and bold style!" Betty A., Art Collector, WI

"I am so grateful for the day Artist Lei appeared on Facebook. I love her work. Very bright and fun colors. Gorgeous and stunning paintings. I bought one of her paintings without knowing the story behind it. After hearing the story, the painting became that much more special and meaningful. I've also bought two packs of her cards. Sent an entire pack (all different prints) to my mother the last few weeks of her life. They brightened her day and cheered up her room. Thank you Lei!  I'm honored to write the artist testimonials for you!" Fran B. Art Collector, OR

“Your painting came in this afternoon’s post. It is just lovely. Every detail is perfect and the colors are so happy. You have made me very happy! I can feel your personality in your painting. You have a warm kind spirit! Much Love.” Freda L., Art Collector, KY

“I love it. It reminds me of a tree we planted at our house we had to give up. I already have a place to hang it. Bless you for making it affordable for me” Donna S., Art Collector, TX

“This would look good in my living room! Love it!” Deanna G., Art Collector, CA

“Gorgeous! I’d love to gift this painting to my husband for Christmas. It was our fortieth wedding anniversary and Paris is our favorite city. I love spring in Paris. I have loved every one of the paintings you have shared! You are a very talented lady!” “I would take one of each on note cards and greeting cards. I want to do a collage of your paintings” Carol T., Art Collector, MN

“Received my original hand painted water color from Artist Lei, exceptional! Thank you so much!” Charles T., Art Collector, MA

“This is awesome! It’s just like the one I saw I wanted...I’d be interested in purchasing this set. ” Tandi L., Art Collector, OH

“Love my Yorkie Franklin painting, you truly brought out his personality. Thank you so much!” Kerri K., Art Collector, MA

“I received my beautiful cards in the mail today. I am sure my friend who I am giving them to as a gift is going to love them” Darlene K., Art Lover, MD

“My cards arrived today and they are every bit as wonderful as I hoped they would be. Thank you so much sharing your art!” Bonnie L., Art Lover, KY

“Love your hand made greeting cards!” Sharon E., Art Lover, CA

“Thank you so much, Lei ~ I just received my beautiful hand made cards!!! I love them. Love your works!” Tammy S., Art Lover, GA

“I got your beautiful note cards in the mail today. They are just wonderfully elegant. I’m so excited. Your work on these cards and the large envelope are just exquisite. Thank you so much Lei” Marian B., Art Lover, NJ

“The cards came in today’s mail. I really like them and they will make a fine Christmas gift” Dennis C., Art Lover, AZ

“We sold all your heart cards at Stars and Stripes. So come by with more if you want. We want to have your cards as our featured artist corner” Laura L., Store Owner, NH

"Love your beautiful card! Your art work is great!" Toni N., Art Lover, CT

"I received your high quality beautiful cards! I absolutely love them! I can't tell you how much you have inspired me in the short time I have known you. When I get some extra money, I am going to get a original painting from you." Mary S., Art Collector, OH

"Love your art works! Got the Lonely heart note card and love it! Will be ordering more with different scenes. Thank you!" Joyce D., Art Lover, CA

"Love the picture you painted.Very pretty! Love the quality of cards and I'm going to send them to my friends and relatives at Christmas!" Sharon V, Art Lover, MA

"Love your artwork! I got the note cards today. I really like them. Thank you!" Kathy C.. Art Lover, CA


​"Thank you so much for beautiful Original Watercolor cards!  They are beautiful my mother is going to love the poppy for Mother's Day. I am giving her a frame with it to frame.   ​Thank you again it made my day! Thank you for your beautiful artwork it helped out since I have had 2 weeks of hard times!"  Cynthia L., Art Lover, MA


"I just love this card.  The artwork is so pretty.  The artist is so sweet and talented." Angela W. Artist, Houston, TX


"I just got your package!!!  I LOVE the cards and thank you so much for the gifts!!  I adore your dragonflies!!!" Jeanine L. Artist, Lawrenceville, GA


"Wow, got the cards today and they are stunning. Even my husband took great interest to look at each card. They are wonderful. I'm sure all Town employees will enjoy receiving them as a special birthday greeting in the many months to come. Thanks so much for all your help and sharing your talent way out here in the Town of Prescott Valley!"  Karen S. Art Lover, AZ


"Love your art! I received my calendar and Note Cards today.  They're beautiful!  Thank you!"  Carol A. Art Lover, CA  

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